Continuing the Assessment – Your Home

Posted in Finances

Our homes not only for shelter, they are a source of pride and an expression of who we are. Our decorating style, color and items used to accentuate reflects our personality, tastes, and interests. Great pieces can be found anywhere from yard sales and estate auctions to high end decorators design with priceless artwork. People design their homes for comfort or to impress. What is your style of decorating, and what are your goals? Too many times, our life becomes a pattern of trying to impress and keep up with others putting us in a constant pursuit of “things.” Additions and remodeling on...

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Spiritual Living vs. Material Living

Posted in Finances, Spirituality

Where does your sense of self and peace come from? What brings you comfort? Do you feel good about having the greatest and newest “stuff” of do you just feel good about life in general? Do you try to match what your family and friends have purchased lately or done in their lives in terms of vacations, projects, and changes? Are you constantly trading cars and making home improvements? If you answer yes to these questions, you may be living a life of materialism rather than spiritualism. Spiritualism involves being in contact with whatever or whoever you call a Higher Power. You know there is...

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