Our homes not only for shelter, they are a source of pride and an expression of who we are. Our decorating style, color and items used to accentuate reflects our personality, tastes, and interests. Great pieces can be found anywhere from yard sales and estate auctions to high end decorators design with priceless artwork. People design their homes for comfort or to impress. What is your style of decorating, and what are your goals?

Too many times, our life becomes a pattern of trying to impress and keep up with others putting us in a constant pursuit of “things.” Additions and remodeling on the house to new landscaping and yard charges all keep the contest going and help to prove to everyone that nothing in your life is staying the same!

Now it’s time to assess your home. Take a look around your home for the purchases in your home, home decorating changes like painting, room additions and changes, or yard changes like landscaping, garden items, or major purchases like a pool or hot tub.

List all of these, the approximate cost, how you funded them, and when the idea came about for this. How long had you been planning for and discussing making changes to your home, room, or yard? Was this a spur-of-the-moment decision or had you been thinking about and planning this for some time? What did you put into the planning? Did you plan by saving? Did other bills go unpaid or have only minimum paid to finance the change? Did this result in an additional bill for you? Do you have any regrets about doing the project? What would you do differently?

If this was spur of the moment, how did it happen? What prompted this change and who started the momentum? How did you pay for it? Did other bills go unpaid or have only the minimum paid to finance this? Did this result in additional bills for you to pay? What were the emotions as you began the project? What are your emotions now that the project is done? Do you have any regrets? What would you do differently?

How would people describe your home? Are you comfortable with your home? Is it a show place or a place to live? Do you have any ideas or plans about doing things differently?

Money-Saving Tips:

  1. Keep your house clean and free of clutter. Throw things away, recycle or give them away regularly. This is free, and contributes to a comfortable and roomy home atmosphere!
  2. Beware of credit card debt. Paying the minimum amount required by the creditor means you will pay much more than the balance – and in some cases, the debt cannot be paid off with only the minimum balance. Visit this calculator to learn more.