The current economic climate says that too many people still don’t have jobs. College graduates complain they are unable to find work in the fields they majored in and older workers state they can’t find work because of their age.

I don’t know how to solve the current economic crisis but I can offer some tips about finding a job. For the young, dress up for the interview. By dress up, I don’t request much. But I do suggest clean clothes, something that covers most of your tattoo’s and your cleavage, and that includes back cleavage as well! I don’t want to see anyone show up in a camisole or guys in a tank top and jeans with holes, even if they are the latest fashion, are not a great idea. You don’t need a suit and tie for me, but try to look put together. And ladies, I don’t want to see heels higher than 2 or 3 inches, and if your nails are longer than the ends of your fingers, I probably won’t’ call you back since I expect you to use a computer.

Don’t bring your cell phone into an interview. I don’t care how famous you are or how many people can’t live without you, if you can’t make it through the interview; I figure you will probably be too busy on the phone to be able to work too. Once you are hired, I don’t want to see any electronic devices around your desk unless it was there before you showed up. I don’t want speakers for your I-phone or I-pod, chargers, photo frames, anything that you have to carry through the door that could be a distraction.

Ask intelligent questions during the interview. I assume if you applied for the position you know what the job is, what the company is about, and have read the job posting. Know what you need from the job and company and act sharp. Asking if we have a casual Friday at the interview is not acting sharp. When I tell you I am searching for receptionist, fire off an answer to a telephone call using our company info. Let me know you have prepared and know what this job requires. If you haven’t had prior computer experience but have taken classes, state them quickly after I ask if you have had experience. When I show you the office, tell me what you like about the office set-up and business. Tell me now you see things that are different from previous employments and how you see that.

I want you to show up on time and work during your working hours. I don’t want people talking on cell phones, playing computer games, shopping on eBay, catching up on Facebook or Twitter, making their sports bets, and checking personal emails. I just want you to get your work done. And done well. I don’t want spelling errors, typing needing to be done two or three times, messages lost or mishandled, documentation not done correctly, people not coming back from lunch, and people not communicating schedule changes.

I may be old-school, but I believe that people should work while at work and then go home. I want you to leave your personal life outside the workplace and more importantly, leave all of your work at work when you go home at night so you and your family can fully spend that time together. I ask for dedicated workers that love their work and are happy to work at my place. I hope there are some of you out there. I haven’t been able to find any.