When I was working as a substance abuse counselor, relationships often developed something like this: guy meets girl, guy and girl immediately have sex with each other. Week 2: guy moves into girl’s trailer and meets girl’s kids. Week 4 or 5: Guy and girl are fighting most of time, guy insists he can’t stand girl or her kids. He is arrested for domestic violence after biggest fight they have had. Both were under influence, of course. Week 7: Girl kicks guy out of trailer. Guy meets different girl, they have sex with each other, drink with each other, and week 2, guy moves into girls’ trailer.

It may seem ridiculous, but this is the way of many current relationships today. The current norm is sexual activity by the 3rd date. Internet dating has changed the way we relate to each other in dating situations. A false sense of intimacy is developed due to the information shared; people feel that a true connection has developed when much of this may be projection. In all of this, I can’t help but feel sorry for the fact that no one ever feels any true passion any more.

Remember those days? Feeling like you could explode from all the kissing, that excruciating moment when the absolutely last goodnight kiss was exchanged and you knew you had to wait days, days! to see him again. Not being able to sleep after he left because you knew, knew, absolutely knew he was the one you were going to be with forever. And that wonderful, warm feeling of being together and being able to kiss for hours. Remember when the most wonderful news was that you had a guaranteed place to make out where you would not be interrupted and you could kiss, and be left alone. I remember making out while one of his buddies drove, so we could have more time together. How wonderful that feeling was and how sad it is that no one is experiencing it any more. Kids as young as 12 are having intercourse with each other and children as young as 10 have experienced oral sex. They will never know what that passion is like, because they got like and sex all mixed up. People moving in together after one week will never know that fabulous ache of longing and being together when the time finally arrives for him to pick you up. They will never know they thrill of holding hands in a movie, or sitting close in a car.

I feel sorry for all of them, they should have tried going parking some time. It will never be the same for them now. It’s too bad they missed it.